Wednesday, December 8, 2010

So much to say . . .

How time has flown . . . and how much has changed . . . this past year has been full of adventure, and as 2010 draws to a close, I am so grateful for all that we have experienced this year.

In September, Connor turned one. It was hard to believe it had been a full year since we were in the hospital with a newborn, and even harder to believe what a little boy C is becoming. We love it.

Since his first birthday, Connor has changed so much. He is happily exerting his independence. He started taking steps about a month ago, and now is walking more than he is scooting. (For those of you who haven't seen it, scooting was Connor's preferred method of transportation. Basically, he sits on his butt and propels himself forward using his abs, and at times, his arms--you wouldn't think it, but scooting was actually a very fast and effective mode of getting around. I never did get it on camera, but if I do, I will post a video so you can see it--it's hilarious). The below picture is of Connor on his tricycle (which his Auntie Allie gave him for his birthday). He LOVES it and is hysterical on it. He backs up, goes forward, and "parallel parks." Hilarious.

He is also now talking up a storm. Most of it is still gibberish, but we are starting to understand more and more of it. For instance, on Friday, Connor and I sat down to watch a little bit of Finding Nemo together. At first, he was more intent on walking around the coffee table, but once he turned around to watch the tv, he pointed and said "ish?" I couldn't believe it. He had said "ish" once before repeating it back to me as I pointed to our neighbor's fish tank and said, "fish". However, it blew me away that he could identify that what was on the tv screen was the same as what was in the tank. He also has recently identified lights and leaves, although they sound almost exactly the same when he says them. Adorable.

Let's see what else . . . the other day, Connor scooted on over to Oliver's bowl and began taking food from his bowl. I was worried, because a few months ago, he put pieces of Oliver's food in his own mouth. But, this time, he simply took each piece out, and then fed it to the dog--one by one. Oliver was great with him, and even moved over so Connor could get closer to his bowl. A boy loves his dog.

Connor wakes up every morning calling for "Dada". And he refuses to say "Mama." In fact, when you ask him to say "Mama", he smiles, and then says, "Dada." He's teasing me already.

Connor loves, loves, loves the water. In fact, he gets so excited when he hears the bath water running, it is nearly impossible to get him undressed, he is THAT anxious to get in. He also like to poke his head (and hands) in the shower if Philip or I are in there, and play with the water coming out of the spigot. He ends up soaked, and half the time, he ends up taking a shower with Daddy. He loves it.

I have SO many more stories, but he is currently banging around upstairs in his crib, which means his nap is over. Seriously, it sounds like he is jumping out of the crib, but usually he's just throwing his legs up in the air, and dropping them onto his mattress. Is that where the old "herd of elephants" saying came from??

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