Thursday, January 27, 2011

Our child is a GENIUS!

So I know that when you look at your own child, you often see all of their amazing qualities. Not that you don't recognize their faults, but there is a certain amount of "blindness" you feel in respect to your child. And since Connor is our first, and I have absolutely no idea when he should be hitting certain milestones (except the obvious), I find that whenever he does something surprising, I find it absolutely amazing, and worthy of sharing with the entire world in a "my child is a genius" kind of way. I suspect every mother probably feels this way about their child(ren), but since C is my first, I am relishing in these great little surprises each and every time they happen.

The first happened last week, when I asked C if he wanted some "juice" (which is really a little juice, but mostly water) to go along with his snack. He immediately pointed and started walking towards the fridge (where said juice is kept), and his eyes lit up. Not only adorable, but GENIUS!

Later in the week, C was playing with a stuffed tiger one of my swimmers had given me when I started coaching. He had abandoned the toy for a few minutes, and when I asked Connor to show daddy where the tiger was, he turned around and pointed, then went over to get it, and gave it a kiss. (C gives the BEST kisses, complete with sound, and will now blow kisses to anyone who asks for them). GENIUS!

The best story happened earlier this week. Anyone who knows C knows he LOVES to open cabinets and drawers and pull anything and everything he can find out of them. The most fun stuff is locked up, but his favorite thing in the kitchen is my rolling pin, which is in a cabinet that is right at his height. He loves to walk around holding it. He did this the other night, holding it by one handle, and roaming around the kitchen and den. It was almost bedtime, and I offered him his milk (also known as "ga"), which he LOVES. I poured his milk into a cup, and handed it to him. He was about to reach for it when he realized he was still holding the rolling pin. He looked at the cup, then at the rolling pin, turned around, walked back over to the cabinet, opened it, put the rolling pin back in the cabinet, and closed the cabinet. Then, he walked back over to me and took his milk. How in the world did he know how to do that?!? So amazing to me.

A few other things that are amazing to me. C loves to read, and can frequently be found in his room, surrounded by books, and "reading." He often brings books to Philip or I, and waits for us to read to him. So cute.

He asks for "fire" to be made, by pointing at the fire place, and saying something that sounds like "ire".

He can identify hot "ha" and cold "col". We're still working on finishing our words.

His new favorite word (and what I discovered him pointing to in one of his books this morning) is "girl". Obviously he likes the ladies.

Though I have no pictures of the above feats, here is one of him playing "peek-a-boo" (one of his other favorite pasttimes) and getting food all over his face (and in his hair, ears, etc.)

C starts "school" on Tuesday, so I promise to post some pictures of him on his first day!