Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

So, once again, I have been terrible at updating the "baby" blog. I have SIX days left of school, and that, to be honest, has been all consuming. But, we had a great long weekend . . . we just always wish we had longer :)!

Thursday, we had the most amazing dr's appointment. We had a long ultrasound where we looked at the baby's bladder, legs, brain development, heart, stomach, even the umbilical cord! It was completely amazing. Baby is just about a pound (which makes me feel a little better about the 7 I've gained!) Here are the latest pictures . . . notice the cute little foot (kind of hard to tell, but it's picture #4)!

Friday, Philip and I played in a tennis tournament here at school. Unfortunately, we didn't get to play on the same team, and we both lost to the same team in the 2nd round :(. Oh well.

Saturday was the real highlight of the weekend. After a morning of chores and errands (Philip has become quite the domesticated husband, mowing the lawn, raking the leaves, spreading fertilizer--it's quite cute), Philip took me on a surprise drive through the Hill Country. It is really beautiful here in Austin. I know so many people think Texas is flat, but in fact, Austin, and the surrounding areas, are very hilly, lush and surprisingly green for the lack of rain we've had. We drove out to Fredericksburg, one of our favorite spots, and had dinner at a restaurant there. At dinner, we had a great time, made better by a certain envelope we received at our doctor's appointment on Thursday. We opened that to reveal that . . . IT'S A BOY!!! Neither of us were surprised by this revelation, but we are so excited and now we can start really planning!!

Sunday, we went to a crawfish boil with Sarah and Peter at Lily and Brandon's house. There were about 15 kids there, and we got a little glimpse into what it must be like to run after a kiddo. They were all adorable and we had a great time.

We did get a new camera, and we have started to break ourselves into taking more pictures, so I promise a few updates of the house, and us soon (although the baby pictures really are a lot cuter!)

Hope everyone is having a good week . . . SIX more days!!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

In my last post, I told you how much baby has been moving in the last week or so. Well, late Saturday night (early Sunday morning) about 12:30, the baby was REALLY moving. It was totally surreal -- I could actually feel the baby kicking me! I even put my hand on my stomach to see if I could feel the kicks from the outside, and I could! Philip wasn't home yet (bachelor party), and I was dying for him to feel it yesterday, but the baby wasn't as cooperative yesterday--still moving, but not nearly as much or as forcefully.

In other pregnancy revelations, my clothes are really starting not to fit. At first it was a few pants that sat more on my waist. Then, a few other pants fit a little tighter, but today, I put on a pair of khakis that are usually a little loose on me (even in the last few weeks), and though I could button them, I looked like I had been stuffed in there. I guess I should feel lucky that I am 21 weeks and not yet in maternity clothes, but I was REALLY hoping to make it until the end of school and then switch to comfy dresses and skirts for the remainder of the summer -- oh well! I am thankful baby is growing and healthy, so I really have few complaints. This is a difficult time in pregnancy (fashion wise) though. My belly has just started to "pop" and I still look more like I do after eating a large meal than I look like I'm pregnant--meaning if you didn't know I was pregnant, you'd just think I had a belly. So, I'm off to Old Navy today to see what I can find in the way of maternity clothes to last me through for a few more weeks--until I fully intend to spend my time in comfy, flowy dresses! 17 MORE DAYS!!

Also, a belated, but very Happy Mother's Day to my mom, the best role model I could hope for as I become a mother myself, and to all of the other "moms" in my life who are amazing for so many different reasons!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

He/She is going to be a Soccer Player!

So they said I'd start feeling movement soon, but lately, I have been feeling a LOT of movement! At first, the movements were very subtle--my doctor called them "quickenings". And over the last week, they have become a bit more pronounced, but only happening every once in a while. Today this baby is MOVING! It is consistent, and it is crazy! This little one kicks and moves so much, I definitely feel this one's going to be quite the swimmer :)!

We still don't know the sex of the baby, but we do have an ultrasound scheduled for May 21st. We are not sure whether we will find out whether to decorate in pink or blue :), but we have a few weeks to decide!

I still feel pretty good--mostly just tired, and my belly is definitely feeling fuller and heavier. I'm still wearing most of my clothes, and I am trying to hold on for just a few more weeks when school is over. I then plan to spend the summer in a pool, and lots of big, roomy dresses!

Finally back from our travels, and though exhausting, it was SO good to see everyone. First my fam in CT, and then college friends in Vermont for Becky's wedding. I love Vermont. It is absolutely beautiful, and if you get the chance, Woodstock, VT is a quintessential Vermont town, and The Woodstock Inn (where we stayed) is the perfect place to stay with its four poster beds, spa, golf course and wonderful hospitality. To my wonderful friends, Katie, Kara, Shannon, Eliza, Mandy, and the beautiful bride, Becky, I had SUCH a good time with you all. I always wish it were for longer, and MUCH more often. I look forward to our many trips together in the future!