Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Where does the time go?

I was inspired on Sunday by Paige and Sarah to get cracking on this blog again . . . It is amazing how difficult I have found keeping up with this blog. When I was working full-time, I had access to a computer regularly during the day, but didn't have access to pictures to post. Now I have a myriad of pictures to post, but no time for the computer. Who knew that what once was so simple would become something of a chore with a little one? So, finally I have a free moment--the C-man is sleeping, the laundry is done (at least a few loads of it), and there are no dishes to do. I'll ignore the dog hair on the floor for the time being so I can give a little update . . .

Yesterday, I was going through Connor's dresser, and pulling out clothes that no longer fit him. I had rather a profound moment when I realized I was pulling out all of the 6-9 months clothes to make room for 12-18 months. When Connor was born, our friends and family were so generous, and gave us so many cute outfits for Connor to wear. Most were in the 0-6 month range, but we did get a few items that were sized 12 months. I remember thinking it would be SO long before he'd be able to wear these adorable outfits . . . and now, they fit him perfectly, which means he is growing up (at quite a remarkable rate), and I am not sure I am ready for that. But like it or not, my little baby is becoming a little boy . . .

Connor has quite the personality. He smiles ALL the time, and loves to flirt. He loves going to the grocery store or Target, or wherever that he gets to ride in the front of the cart and look around, and of course smile at everyone he passes. It has gotten so I cannot go down any aisle without someone stopping me to tell me how happy he is. I am obviously a proud mama.

Though Connor is not crawling yet, he wants to be on the move constantly. It is part of the reason I don't dare be on the computer when he is awake. He throws himself from a sitting position at a toy he deems worthy (usually a cell phone, camera, or remote). He also likes books, but mostly to turn the pages of, and bang on. He is fascinated by toys that play music, and "dances" by bouncing up and down. While crawling isn't really his thing, he badly wants to walk. He now pulls himself up to standing, stands holding onto furniture (or your legs if you are sitting), can shift sideways while holding onto the table (mostly to get said remote or cell phone which is sitting on the table), and will walk 20 or so steps while holding onto someone's hands. His new thing is to walk holding on with one hand while his other hand reaches for something he wants.

He recognizes voices very well. Last week, Connor was sitting facing me while I was ironing, and when Philip came in the door downstairs and Connor hears his daddy's voice, he shifted his bottom a full 180 degrees so he was facing the bedroom door when daddy walked in. He loves his daddy!

He also loves the water (I mean, no surprise here, he IS my son!) He loves his bath, kicking in the pool, and recently, he has discovered the "sprinkle park" where he sits and the water shoots out of little spouts. What a little fish.

He has two teeth currently (the bottom two), but the top FOUR(!) are coming in all at once. Makes it all the better to eat with! No surprise here, he LOVES food. We go the Gerber route, but also have added bread, avocado, shredded cheese (thanks, Paige for that recommendation too!) and fruit. He also loved frozen yogurt (which I gave him a few tiny bites of last week)--maybe not the best to get my child sweets, but I think he'll be ok.

Most importantly, we are crazy about this child. He is an absolute joy, and I have been so blessed to be home with him all summer. I have loved every second of it.

I promise to be better about updating--particularly now as I have more stories to tell.

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