Sunday, March 21, 2010

And . . . we're back . . .

Every writer experiences writer's block . . . though these last 5 months weren't really a block, I did have trouble finding time to keep our little blog updated. I promise to not let that happen again, Ali.

Our little C-man is not so little anymore. He is almost six months old! Where has the time gone? Philip and I still wonder at the miracle of it all, and somehow still feel that it is all a little surreal, but maybe it will set in soon :).

I know all mothers think their children are as close to perfect as possible (at least in the beginning) and that is certainly the case here. Connor is the sweetest, most easy going baby, and the best part? He loves his sleep . . . at least at night . . . which fits in nicely with his two parents who also like their sleep at night! Connor is rarely crabby (although as I write this, he is fussing), except when he is hungry and tired. Although lately we are experiencing the dreaded effects of teething, and that certainly is not fun for any of us.

Connor LOVES to smile and laugh. He giggles at the craziest things, like the dog whining to go outside. Connor thinks the dog is hysterical, even when he is licking his face.

He is constantly wanting to be "on the move." He doesn't like to sit or lay for too long without some form of entertainment. He loves his exercauser (greatest invention ever!), and loves to watch the world around him. He follows everything and everyone, and it is easy to soothe his fussing by taking him to the window or taking him outside to "see the world."

We have introduced rice cereal, and at first, he was not so impressed. But, we are getting the hang of it, and next, it's on to fruit and vegetables!

Philip and I are settling into parenthood. It was tough to go back to work for me, and I still have days where it's the last thing I want to do (which I'm sure it true for all of us), but luckily summer is RIGHT around the corner! I am forever trying to catch up on the mountains of laundry that build during the week (C is a spitter-upper), and I feel that and the dog hair are never-ending battles that I constantly lose. After a little hiatus, we have gotten back into running, and tried to run our first half marathon in a year yesterday, but after several weeks of spring like weather in Texas, winter reappeared for the day, and they cancelled the race. After driving the hills we would have had to run, I can't say I was terribly disappointed :)!

And so, after a week of spring break, and hanging with my favorite little boy, it's back to work tomorrow. I hope dropping him off at daycare tomorrow won't be too difficult . . . anyone know of a way to become independently wealthy quickly??

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