Thursday, July 30, 2009

32 weeks and counting

Tomorrow I hit 32 weeks, which makes only 8 weeks to go (or less or more depending on when he decides to arrive!) until baby makes his entrance into our world. Wow. He is moving even more now, but it is less kicking, more flipping. Currently, he is "butt down", but fortunately, there are a few more weeks before he is in his "set position" so I'm not too worried.

Recent events in our lives:
First, Sarah and Mary threw me the best shower. It was sentimental and sweet, the food was delicious, and there were no cheesy games which I love (Sarah knows me VERY well. She had our parents send baby pictures of Philip and I, and also had them send along stories of us as babies. Then she mixed the stories up and had everyone "Guess which baby". Perfect game for a shower. I will definitely be stealing that one (when I host my first baby shower of course!) The pics from the shower came out a little fuzzy, but here is one to share with you. This one is of me opening a receiving blanket from Philip's grandmother. It is one she used with her own kids, and so it is extra special.

Last week, Mandy and Kara came to visit me (and Austin for the first time). I tried to get them to see as much as possible, but did leave a little bit out so I make sure they come back and visit! I had SUCH a good time with them--I miss my college friends so much being so far away. I feel so lucky to have such great friends that I am still so close to, just wish we all lived closer to each other. While here, we had to get a little TexMex, so Hula Hut it was. Here are the three of us after dinner (SO full!)

Saturday night, Philip and I finally went to see the bats under the Congress bridge in Austin. It is quite a phenomenon. There are close to 1 million bats now that sleep under the bridge and make their flight at night to find food. It is two steady streams of bats out from under the bridge, and it is truly amazing to watch. We took Oliver, and here he is (patiently) waiting for the bats to make their flight.

Finally, it rained today!!! I know to some of you, that is not big news since it has been raining all summer. But, not here, and we got about 20 minutes worth today (and maybe more on the way!) I wish I knew a rain dance!

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  1. meg, i'm just catching up on your blog! i'm so happy you loved the shower. love, sarah